The Dead Like Me


Loose all your regrets and turn them wild on the living

I’m faded wallpaper that you’re now hung up on

Guilt and shame dog you and hound all your hours

What could have been shared by you was never

Can the remorse please I’m dead tired

Six pine panel apartment space

Obstructed view but quiet

Pan the stream unspent words

Shout them soon loudly

To the back wall

Burn them quick

Warm those



The Future of Tomorrow


westinghouse halves the time a roast needs
you can dream your dream house into being

general electric keeps the peas frozen
tidy the house your lifestyle chosen

hoover the carpet
mr. clean the floor
have dinner ready
husband’s at the door

eyelids, feet heavy
get water and speed
now choke down twenty
you’ve got mouths to feed

grandma managed to live this way
such things belong to yesterday

heart is sunken
anchored below
catalogs and
credit card bills
bought all of it
all i could want
nothing i need

mobile phone connects my work to my home
my boss is with me wherever i go

grandma is so sweet
so behind the times
shame she can’t reckon
operating phones
her life would be swell
with just such a tool




million brains jumped down my throat

my own voice asphyxiated

bile backed up

stopped shut



the information age


ain’t life grand?

headlines and hot takes


grains of sand

forthcoming reconstituted truth

withholding unvarnished sooth


existence is greater now

evolution grows closer


everything can be seen

nothing left to be heard

that being the case

how come

i’m deaf and dumb?

Dumb Dream


This dumb dream
With little room to breathe

From the chest
Doomed to die I confess

Chorus says
Tragedy is senseless

Results show
No desire to end this

News breaks and our hearts freeze

No relief
Our hopes are upended

Youths gone this instance

No succor, safe distance

Please now please
Desperate admittance

Run up, shout
Second guess this amendment

to Who & for What


To who and for what
For what purpose, to what end
A trailer for your boat and a truck with which to pull it
Dinner sitting badly but antacids with which to null it
Things for your stuff
Such special instruments
Line your sepulcher
Toll for the bridge to the beyond?

From the outside looking in
One could easily be mistaken
Taken by the fact that I’ve got nothing to show for